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EZ-Metrix is a source code metrics utility with a difference!

"It's like a tape measure for your software..." EZ Metrix Source Code Counter

With an easy Internet-based interface, multiple language support and flexible licensing features, you will be up and running in minutes with the EZ-Metrix code counter. Measure software size from virtually all text-based languages and from any platform or operating system with the same utility. Source code metrics are stored in our internal database and may be exported for further analysis. The EZ-Metrix LOC counter supports software development estimates, productivity measurement, schedule forecasting and quality analysis (CMMI, ISO).

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 Easy to install and use

 Supports more than 80 languages!

 Provides a common measure for all languages and platforms with one tool

 Ready to use today

 No compilation or build required to use

 View & export reports

 Flexible reporting allows off-line analysis

 Comparison measures (now using Levenshtein-Distance algorithm)

 Better support for enhancements and maintenance activities

 Configurable, rule-based algorithm

 Supports language-level and project-level reporting

 Flexible licensing

 Only pay for what you need



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