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Discover the fortune hidden in your source code! EZ-Metrix® source line of code counter (LOC counter) determines the code size of your project, in order to support bid & proposal work, process improvement, benchmarking, cost estimation or software project oversight. The EZ-Metrix code counting utility also compares two versions of source code files to determine how much code changed between the two versions (and other useful software metrics).

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Put an end to out-of-control project performance and get back on track. We offer business services to software development organizations to help you navigate towards your strategic goals. Our goal is to keep your IT or software engineering operation on task, while maximizing the visibility of each project. This allows developers and engineers to concentrate on development, while you concentrate on the business. Several of our services help you to achieve this vision: Software Portfolio Management, Project management services, Software benchmarking, and Project Office setup.

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